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This years winner of the Best Canadian pitch and CDN$10,000 in cash went to "Showgirls of Pakistan," a compelling story of female dancers in Punjabs smut theatres (which was unfortunately undermined by an overly sensationalistic and over-cut trailer). Another pitch from first-time Italian director Giovanni Totaro called "Happy Winter" received theCuban Hat Award, which included CDN $1,223.50 as well as industry passes to 2017 Hot Docs, Doc Leipzig, an IDFA accreditation, and consulting sessions with various industry experts. "Happy Winter" won over the audience with newcomer Totaros nervous excitement one industry exec compared his "charm offensive" to Roberto Benignis and a beautifully shot winsome clip reel about working-class Italian families on vacation on Palermos Mondello Beach. Other highlights of the two-day forum were "The Patriot," a dark tale of extreme nationalist ideologies and twisted vengeance in the digital age from "Censored Voices" producer-editor Daniel Sivan and produced by Zafrir Kochanovsky of Israels TTV Productions, as well as projects from Pulse Films ("XY Chelsea") and Parabola Films ("Billy"). Because of media blackouts on the three projects, further information on the docs is embargoed. Another surprise was Patricia Gillespies stunning and stylish trailer for "American Monster," a dark Southern Gothic true-crime look at the pathology of American violence, which turned out to be the Forums first-ever docu-series pitch. This news turned out to stymie most of the broadcasters in attendance. Originally set up as a feature documentary, the project made a deal just a couple days before the Forum with Morgan Spurlocks Warrior Poets to develop the film into a multi-part series. Outside-the-box companies showed strong interest, including VICE Media ("This is the most creative and compelling thing Ive seen at Hot Docs," noted VICE development exec John Turner) and Norways VGTV ("Id like to make an offer," said acquisitions head Hans Andreas Fay), but it was Forum moderator Axel Arno from Stockholms SVT who seemed to surmise what most everyone was thinking: "I know Netflix is in the room," he said, "they will find you." Hot Docs "Mudflow" Netflix came up a few times during the conference as the proverbial elephant in the room. During the Forums most commercial pitch, for "The Last Animals" about elephant and rhino poaching, from photojournalist-turned-filmmaker Kate Brooks and heavyweight producer Laurie David ("An Inconvenient Truth"), it was BBC Storyvilles always candid Nick Fraser who declared, "If I was I Netflix, I would buy this on the spot." "The Last Animals" grabbed the attention of the executives on the roundtable like no other pitch in the 48-Hour Forum.

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